Call For Lightning Rounds

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What are Lightning Trainings

Lightning trainings are one hour open source and free training sessions that run alongside the conference talks on Thursday, Sept 24 and Friday, Sept 25. Lightning trainings are included with general conference admission.


Provide a hands on training lab in a one hour session. The goal is to teach the students a new skill within the one hour through hands-on exercises. The student should be able to setup any lab requirements ahead of the class using virtualbox (free download).

The conference will aim for 10 lightning training sessions across Thursday, Sept 24 and Friday, Sept 25.


  1. Lightning trainings are part of the normal conference registration and no additional cost is required from the attendee.
  2. The training material slide deck must use any of the three OWASP templates
  3. Any training material or tools must be open source and free. Trainings focused on “Freemium” or closed source tools provided by vendors will not be accepted.
  4. All labs environments that are using a virtualized setup must be available via a virtualbox image (sorry, for standardization purposes we won’t allow other virtualization products). Virtualbox image must be available 30 days prior to the conference dates or the session will be removed.
  5. If setup instructions are used for simple setup (in lieu of a virtualized image) then these instructions must be available 30 days prior to the conference dates or the session will be removed.
  6. All accepted training presentation decks will be publicly posted after the AppSecUSA conference
  7. There is no remuneration to trainers for these lightning talks


  • How To Build An Application Security Policy?
  • Intro to using OWASP ZAP
  • How to build proof of concept CSRF exploits
  • Intro to Python for security testing
  • Solving WebGoat lessons x,y,z
  • Using OWASP ZAP Proxy for API Testing

Submission & Acceptance Process

  • Submit the core info using the below google form. (direct link if needed)
  • Send the completed presentation to [email protected]
  • Please note that the above requirements must be met or the submission will not be considered for acceptance.

Talks will be accepted on a rolling basis starting June 15